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  • Member: DriftRoot
  • Title: Harlock Into Darkness
  • Premiered: 2014-09-27
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    • Star Trek: Into Darkness Theatrical Trailer
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    Best Concept - Sakura-Con 2015

    Harlock Into Darkness

    The only agenda I really had with this AMV is tricking people into thinking the Harlock movie is something it's not. It's a terrible movie, but it is interesting to illustrate would it could have been. What is it, then? Damnit, Drift, just make a straight AMV for once! Sorry, no can do!

    This is a trailer FOR Space Pirate Captain Harlock set to the audio from Star Trek: Into Darkness. I noticed that the movies share an absurd number of similarities and thought it would be fun to screw around with preconceived notions about their respective plots. (It's really quite amazing how closely these two films resemble one another, right down to the sequences involving lava pits on a remote planets where the heroes just happen to be risking their lives for spurious, poorly explained reasons. It's ridiculous. And don't get me started on the lens flares!) Consequently, everything in this AMV is true to the Harlock movie...but if you haven't seen that movie, you're liable to get the wrong impression. If you HAVE seen Harlock, then hopefully you won't bat an eye and may be able to get a little kick out of it.

    TL;DR: This not a straight-up parody trailer. Instead, I designed this AMV to resemble a Choose Your Own Adventure book (i.e. visual novel for the young'uns). You, the viewer, fall into one of these categories:

    1. You have seen only Star Trek: Into Darkness. This AMV is going to make sense as a parody trailer (Khan = Harlock).

    2. You have seen only Space Pirate Captain Harlock. You may be offended by how Harlock is portrayed, but you also may "get it" to a limited extent and wonder what all the fuss is about.

    3. You have seen both movies. Lucky you! YOU, my dear friend, get to watch from both perspectives and (hopefully) appreciate what I was going for! Sure, watch it as a parody AMV if you want, but that's not the best interpretation. Have fun explaining this AMV to people who aren't "in the know." :)

    4. You have seen neither movie. Sorry, these films are what they are and if you're not interested in that sort of thing, there's not a lot here for ya.

    As a final note, there were some strict rules I set up for myself making this AMV. Rules like mimicking the original trailer's scenes and edits as close to possible, not faking any scenes by compositing footage, and refraining from lip sync that a) didn't show up in the original trailer and/or b) didn't look OK-ish. The last is debatable, but it's my choice. Thanks as always to machina21 for rough draft feedback!

    p.s. Speaking personally, I do not like trailer AMVs. I have watched less than a dozen of them and found most boring and uninspired. It's therefore ironic that I've made TWO trailer AMVs, but their trailer status is sort of beside the point. It was just a means to an end, honestly.

    Where's the YouTube video? It's not there anymore because someone with a zero respect for creative license and possibly some kind of corporate agenda reported it for copyright infringement. Rather than risk getting into a fight I can't win, I didn't argue. The video's still here for those who want to view it.

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