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  • Member: Ardamaeus
  • Studio: Discombobulated Connections
  • Title: Waking Summer Dream
  • Premiered: 2014-09-08
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    • Natalie Walker Waking Dream
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  • Comments: Hello. I've been watching AMVs for over ten years, and had dabbled with poor quality clips in Windows Movie Maker back in the day, (and have it crash every 3 minutes), but never had a decent enough computer to run programs like Sony Vegas or Premiere. Now that my resources allow me to mess around in Sony Vegas to my heart's content, I present to you my first AMV in perhaps a decade. Please enjoy my first attempt at a decent AMV in Vegas. I hope to make more in the future ;3.

    I made Gin "disappear" using Photoshop, and there is a scene where it's a little shaky. I should have used masking, but I was a little daunted trying to use it for the first time for scenes that were in motion D;

    The story is a bit different from the anime source. I made Gin look like he was appearing in Hotaru's dreams. I made his spell look more like a "curse" and I tried to emphasize the longing that Hotaru felt for him, and later in the AMV, vice-versa.

    I hope the ending of the AMV makes sense as well ;3.

    Free Zone 2014 - 5th place Best Debut
    Best Romance at Bakuretsucon
    Best Drama/Romance and Judge's Choice Award at Anime Blast Chattanooga
    Best Romance at Holiday Matsuri

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