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  • Member: MsHassard
  • Premiered: 2014-09-02
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    • Cryptex Glitch mob - Drive it like you stole it ( Cryptex remix )
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  • Comments: Hi everyone, here i am here presenting to you my first upload on amvnews. Its a video made for anime zone contest it may be my last video ever because i am goin to have a heart operation so if i die u still can enjoy the video, so i got inspired by ice shit challenge n i decided to make one, the whole video is about a challenge that was between JP & Sonoushe ( if u dn't know these two then u have to watch REDLINE ) , they made a challenge which it is if u lose u go in a car crush by ur self or by another way the important thing is a CAR crush for the loser and the rules are , first thing make ur ENGINE GO insane i mean its max powa if u fail u'll be eliminated , 2nd rule is to try to go far beyond ur engine'smax powa without any problemes as long as u can do this u can win , so the race was so BAWS and then 4 racers from univers decided to take the challenge too two of them got eliminated since the first secondes and 2 last ........

    PS: this video tooke me 70 hrs bcs of the ideas i was trying and undo eem and raw took me some time so if anyone wants to know how i did something there feel free to ask me on my skype u'll find it in my INFOS

    PS: I will reaveal the winner after i get back of my operation alive it will be a 10 secs Video to show the winner see yaa and good luck everyone.

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