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  • Member: Hirou Keimou
  • Title: Do you wanna play? 2.0
  • Premiered: 2014-09-13
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    • Katy Perry Dark Horse (ft. Juicy J)
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    Recreated; from Valentines this year.

    In the final render, I believed that I'd not focused or invested enough effort in some things. & I'd really been accomplished that I did 99% of it without AE; but of course this resulted in MANY layers! So in re-creating it, I chose to do something similar to AE - in which once finishing with layers, I could pre-compose them, saving layers & creating organization. Of course, with SV, this is really a bunch of .veg files thrown together on the timeline; but this gave organization to the 20+ layers of this project!
    That aside, not much is re-created, only tweaked to erase all those nasty errors that always stared at me during re-watches. Besides the intro; mostly everything else is still as it had been, only better quality & smoother transitions.

    Now, I'm not promising a prequel to this "dating-simulation-type" video of Kirito & Asuna (even tho it hits the "continue" button); but I do hope to try it again, but more following along the stereotype of "dating-simulation" game-type videos.

    Programs - SV13, AE, Photoshop

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