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  • Member: downwithpants
  • Studio: (amateur)
  • Title: Ballad of the Fireflies
  • Premiered: 2003-07-01
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    • Third Eye Blind The Background
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  • Comments: Tagline: What is left when you lose your beloved?

    This is my 5th AMV. If you viewed my profile, you might notice that this is my 4th. well, I actually have another AMV done, but i haven't uploaded it yet. So this video is the 5th AMV i made, but the 4th one i premiered. I worked on this one after I came back home from college for about a month, though I had come up with the idea a few months before.

    I will probably remaster this one once I can find a DVD source for Grave of the Fireflies (this one uses VHS), and when I do, I will probably make changes based on the opinions you leave (hint hint).

    Also, I had to lower the bitrate of the video to 512 kb/s because the file would be too large to store on Angelfire (20 MB max). If I get to remaster this AMV, I might upload a higher bitrate file on to the dangling carrot (or golden donut if it takes that long).

    I always liked Third Eye Blind's "The Background," the song I chose for this AMV. A little while after I saw Grave of the Fireflies for a class a few months ago, I heard the song again and realized that the two could fit together. I knew there were some scenes that fit the main line "You come swimming into view" really well. I also figured I could put the bombing scenes with the guitar solo for a nice effect. And i realized I could figure out scenes for the rest... or else BS it. whatever worked better.

    For this AMV, I intentionally avoided downloading other Grave of the Fireflies AMVs, so that I could produce something from my own head, rather than copying stuff from other videos. However, its probably gonna look like some other AMVs, considering that when I did a search for Grave of the Fireflies AMVs, 49 entries appeared, and most of them were dramas.... well, at least the music will be different.

    I did attempt an editing technique that I learned from other AMVs. Its the quick fade to and from black on the snare drum hits. I saw them in Engel and some other videos, and it looked neat, so I tried it on this one.

    Enjoy! Opinions are highly appreciated!

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