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  • Member: FoxyProxyRoxy
  • Title: 6 (Hundred Thousand) v 4
  • Premiered: 2014-08-10
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    • Area of Defect 6 v 4
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  • Comments: So this was the first AMV ever sent to a contest. Also first AMV I finished in about five years but everything before that is terrible and before I got serious about editing and learned film techniques and stuff.

    This was originally intended for Otakon 2013, but due to computer failure it ended up being delayed a year and was submitted to Otakon 2014 and AUSA 2014. Nonfinalist in both.

    The idea for this only came about because one day I thought "Wow Morde's ult kinda sorta reminds me of Alucard." And then this idea came about and I haven't looked back ever since.

    I'm super duper proud of this, not only because it's the first AMV I've completed in a long time, but it definitely shows an improvement in my editing. Sitting through every AMV showing at Otakon actually meant something lol.

    I really got stuck on what category to submit this to at Otakon cause while I do have it under action it's not super duper action-y. I went with Undecided. I think. I hope I did cause I meant to.

    I'm a bit worried it's one of those things you won't explicitly get unless you play League of Legends and that makes it kinda like an inside joke. Particularly the chorus where the League chatboxes come up. I tried to make it a bit more general with the second time it shows up but I'm not so sure if it worked so well.

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