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  • Member: KNI
  • Studio: KNI Productions
  • Title: Rail Wars! Ending - "aLIEz" from Aldnoah.Zero
  • Premiered: 2014-08-10
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    • Hiroyuki Sawano aLIEz
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  • Comments: *NOTE: This is only an un-edited ending of Rail Wars! and "aLIEz" from Aldnoah.Zero's. It's not exactly an AMV, but since YouTube blocked this video, I want to upload it to another place.

    I made this in mind to try and see if the song fit or not. Surprisingly, it did in 80% of the video, which is not bad. Those who know the actual official ending of Rail Wars! would notice this version will makes a more dramatic and serious Rail Wars! Still, I love the lively official ending though!

    Thank you for watching :D

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