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  • Member: EinEin Productions
  • Studio: EinEin Productions
  • Title: 300 2 : Rise of an empire [EINEIN PROD]
  • Premiered: 2014-07-18
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    • 300: Rise of an Empire Official Trailer #1 Official Movie Trailer #1
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  • Comments: I haven't done nor released anything Anime related in quite some time, focusing my editing and producing energy on film or documentaries instead. I had a lot of fun doing this little one!
    Reason for my "return" : It's quite simple. When the first 300 movie came out, I did an AMV trailer with the actual trailer preceding the movie, and let me tell you that despite its technical flaws, it had a lot of attention and success. I even won the Originality Title at the Otakuthon back in... uh.. 2004? Unsure.

    Since the 300 sequel was about to come out, it was only natural that I would make a come back in this fashion.

    I have chosen to put it under the Parody Category, since some hint of humor was omnipresent.

    Video available on Youtube too :

    the anime used :

    -Escaflowne: the movie
    -Sword of the Stranger
    -Berserk movie : Golden Age Arc II : The Battle of Doldrey
    -Berserk movie : Golden Age Arc I : Egg of the Supreme Ruler
    -Berserk movie : Golden Age Arc III : Descent
    -Seirei No Moriboto (Guardian of the Sacred Spirit)

    - Technical -

    While I used Premiere pro to edit this one, I've added a couple of special effects with particles animation. Since the word "breeze" had an omnipresent importance, the use of wind and blown away particles became important in order to bring more life to the finalized project.
    I have used Lightroom as a final color grader, to give off a more "war" feel.
    VSCO all the way ! ;)

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