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  • Member: NoisyNinja
  • Studio: Mad Rush Studios
  • Title: Dead Space Cowboy
  • Premiered: 2014-07-03
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    • Jason Graves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
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  • Comments: "Dead Space Cowboy" is a trailer AMV based on the video game Dead Space and the "Toys in the Attic" episode of Cowboy Bebop. I first showed the video to the public at Anime Expo 2014 in the AMV Competition.

    This video is actually a complete overhaul of the very first AMV I created back in 2008 when I first began tinkering with video editing. I created the original to show to my younger sister on her birthday since she loves horror and Cowboy Bebop. Because it was my first attempt at creating an AMV, and because I was using Windows Movie Maker at the time (we all need to start somewhere), the original video had no visual effects and looked like crap. I'm glad that I decided to revamp the video and finally show it to the public. "Dead Space Cowboy" will always remind me of that first step I took into the world of AMV creating.

    The video was created using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. From start to finish, the video was made within two weeks (not including the time it took me to conceptualize the original video).

    Fun fact: I initially planned to have Spike decapitated in the final video, but later decided just to have his hand severed. I figured viewers might see it as an insult to one of the greatest animes of all time.


    Anime Expo 2014 AMV Competition: Best Trailer

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