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  • Members: FinalSouls, projectanime00
  • Studio: Aphoic Virtuosity Studios
  • Title: Feel Alive
  • Premiered: 2014-07-03
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    • Quietdrive Feel Alive
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  • Comments:  photo 3_zps5bfdda8e.jpg
    I'm quite happy with the results of this one.since my last Clannad was a bit messy to say the less.I followed up the lyrics with the video and add a few effects.Don't worry i didn't add at random choppy transitions however I did add afew mask along the video to match the song's title.I would admit I'm very not fond of masking as i'm award that i'm not the best at it howver I think It's still went smoothing with the video though. I also shorten the song for the editing reasons. That I didn't feel the need to add the whole song, since not all the fit the senses i was using. For these who have been the Clannad well I told something to say I changed the storyline Ushio doesn't dead in the end. I wanted to be a soft of happy ending since, episode 21 has a sad ending to it I did notice that there was a low resolution toawrdas the beginning of the video between 00.21,00:33-00:36,0059-1:01 just a little biit I tried to fix it but just won't changed it. I'm hoping it not noticible in Divx files. other than that point the rest is good I'll make an Mp4 A little later
    I said that deicated this to my loves ones for a reason.
    I realize that if it won't for them I won't be where i am today that why I made that
    for them and these are still to enter my life.
    Hope you enjoy the video
    Inspiration Video Makers
    Perfict Blue
    I know my video is nothing in comparison to their unique editing which I loved a lot
    It still helped me with my video's storyline and afew effect ideas

    Thanks for watching

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