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  • Member: ErMaC
  • Studio: ErMaC Studios
  • Title: We 3 (Yuu, Your Girlfriend, and Me)
  • Premiered: 2001-07-17
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    • Soul Asylum We 3
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  • Comments: I first heard this song as the ending theme of Chasing Amy (awesome movie) and it struck me a such a powerful song. I originally thought I'd do a video to something like Fushigi Yuugi from Hotohori's perspective, but then I came up with this parallel which was even better (plus at that time I didn't have the 2nd FY DVD boxset so footage selection was more limited). I think this works better anyways, although it still means I haven't made an FY video. That should change soon. =)

    Anyways, this is basically my Sou Ginta tribute video. The poor guy ^_^ - what a terrible victim of circumstance. Well, at least he ends the series happy.

    Enjoy the video - this is one of my more simple ones where I'm just telling a story. Don't expect to be wowed with special effects, this is a pure artistic, emotional one.

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