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  • Member: Darkseid
  • Title: The Rise of Lynn Minmay
  • Premiered: 2003-06-30
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    • Irene Cara Fame
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  • Comments: Hello if you are reading this.

    I decided to do this video while I was driving with a friend and had the radio on. That's where my ideas for AMVs develop. I was listening to the local 80's station when Fame started playing and I coldn't stop focusing on the lyric "people will see me and die" and I thought about the parts of Macross where humans Minmay's music as culture shock to stop the Zentraedi, and some of the other lyrics matched up to the rise of Minmay in the Macross story, how she became this prominent singer and such, but I didn't have a real concept untim several months later when I was watching the short "Macross A Future Chronicle" which details the timeline of the various series and films. I saw the bit focusing on the Flashback 2012 video showing Minmay heading for space. I decided to think about how Hikaru(Rick) felt about Minmay's departure and the way he treated Minmay even though he's very happpy with his relationship with Misa, while Minmay was thinking about her rise to fame and her feelings for Hikaru. This was the basis for the story of my AMV.

    It's also a bit of a tribute since An Angel's Paint is one of my all-time favorite AMVs and the Macross DYRL is my all-time favorite anime. Anyways, it seems a few people have enjoyed it since it some how made the finals of AWA's Pro contest and some fellow creators told me they liked seeing it afterwards. Whenever I'm able to get a decent distribution system for my works, I hope you will enjoy it as well. Peace.

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