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  • Member: UnluckyArtist
  • Title: ~ Drain ~
  • Premiered: 2014-05-15
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  • Song:
    • Nirvana Drain You
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  • Comments:  photo Drainbanner_zpsaa3215f7.png

    I had to make something with my favorite anime series to come out in the last few years, It took me a while to find music that would actually fit with this and one day I overheard someone say "Drain You" and I remembered the Nirvana song..

    This is kind of a mood swinging feel of a video going from cute perverted crushes to a slightly disturbing, bloody gorey acid trip thing so.. 'Epilepsy Warning'

    Those who know of the series already could probably pick up the themes better, but it's basically what the first season is about... love triangles, anger/jealousy, and strange/mysterious relationships

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