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  • Member: SSJVegita0609
  • Studio: Blood Sugar Productions
  • Title: Infinity
  • Premiered: 2003-06-29
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    • 30 Seconds to Mars Capricorn
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  • Comments: *Minor Outlaw Star Spoiler warning*

    Well, this video spawned out of two seperate urges of mine. The first of these is the fact that I am a HUGE Outlaw Star fan, and have never really seen a video that I feel does the series it's full justice, so I figured I'd try my hand. The second urge was that to enter in SF's upcoming contest. I originally planned to enter Eleventh Hour but I heard this song and immediately said "Outlaw Star Video!". I would like to think that this vid is a hybrid of Drift and Frenzy, I edited very similarly to both in many respects. However, what seperates this vid from those two is the fact that I decided to tell a complete and straightforeward story, which goes as follows:

    Gene Starwind had always lived planetside, and yet he longed somehow, some way, to achieve something more. His adventerous spirit could never be contained to any one place. So when he ran into the infamous Hot Ice Hilda, a brilliant and beautiful outlaw on the run from a vicious group of pirates, he knew he'd found his ticket of the planet. Gene aids her in the destruction of the pirates on her tail, and in exchange gains the valueable information on the great treasure she is after. The Glactic Leyline, said to be the greatest treasure in all of space, a power great enough to grant your wildests desires. Hilda has stolen from the Pirates their only means of finding this wonderful power. The XGP ship and the beautiful cyber human Melfina. In the choatic escape from the pirates, Hilda sacrifices her life to allow Gene to escape with both the XGP and Melfina. Gathering with his friends and Melfina, Gene ventures out towards the now known location of the Leyline. However, when he arrives he finds the pirate leader Hazanko, and his ruthless minions there lying in wait. A massive battle for control insues. The victory eventually belongs to Starwind, but he learns that the true treasure is not the Leyline itself, but the people and experiances he's had durring the journey, especially Melfina.

    And that's it in a nutshell. A few more fun little facts about the video. First off, its the most frames I've ever had in a video, measuring in at just a bit over 9k. So yeah, expect some fast pacing. This is the first video longer than 3:30 that I've done in a while, so it took me a long time to work it all out in my head beforehand. All in all, the entire ripping, editing, and encoding process took maybe 60 hours or so. You also may notice a little bit of lip syncing in there. I love it when people successfully sync yells, it just gets me riled. I left it as N/A considering I didn't really sync to many words (except with the gilliam thing ^^), just long notes. Anyways, that's about all for the comments, ops are always appreciated, enjoy!

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