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  • Member: vanwhiskers
  • Title: Nisemonogataritrap [nsfw]
  • Premiered: 2014-04-20
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    • RL Grime Satisfaction (Benny Benassi)
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  • Comments: I didn't really know there was an AMV community when I made this, I just thought it would be really fun to put the song over the toothbrush scene in Nisemonogatari to send to my friend who doesn't really like anime (yet). Anyways, I figured I'd show you guys my AMV.

    A couple hours into the editing, I found myself playing more and more with it because it started to work a lot better than expected. In total I spent about 7 hours, 3 or so learning how to use Premiere Elements 11 and making files compatible with different software.

    As far as editing details go, it's pretty basic (just cut, copy, and paste). Monogatari has fantastic editing so everything I needed to make this video was already there, I just needed to figure out what goes where and when. I didn't go for lip sync or for every action to follow the beat, but rather a slightly more natural video for the most part, but also some emphasis on those special "aw shite" moments where the audio and video just fit.

    I've always thought the toothbrush scene was more satire/comedy than blatant, wincesty fanservice, I suppose in this video I intended to take out that interpretation for whatever reasons.

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