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  • Member: 96hermione
  • Title: A Short Time for Loving
  • Premiered: 2014-04-25
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    • One Direction Story of my life
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  • Comments: Ok! Hi guys! I didn't upload anything since December -.- I have so many problems with my school that I don't have time to edit videos anymore! D': HOWEVER I did my best to make this video, although I did it between an exam and another. Like always I'm sorry for my poor english but I'm italian so...I suck! -_-
    Let's pass to the video now!
    "Story of my life" is the song. After listening to this song I thought it would fit this movie - Nerawareta Gakuen -


    Spring marks the start of another new school year at a junior high school in Kamakura. A new transfer student, Ryoichi Kyogoku joins the 8th grade. Kyogoku has a very special proficiency in telepathy and has been ordered by his father to use this ability to scan other people's minds and take over the school.

    He instantly gains popularity at school from his good looks and charisma and he sets about taking control of the school. As people begin to fall under Kyogoku's spell, he covertly manipulates his followers and pushes aside anyone who gets in his way.

    With the school almost completely under the control of Kyogoku, only one boy seems unaffected—Seki. Does Seki have what it takes to save everyone from the clutches of mind control?

    Source: Scotland Loves Animation



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