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  • Member: Camichan19
  • Title: Breaking Celluloid
  • Premiered: 2014-03-10
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    • Judy Kuhn Colors Of The Wind
    • Paint After Ever After
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    Ok so.....this was made as an art project final for one of my Ethnic Studies courses, "Perceptions of Native Peoples in Film".
    The class was really thought-provoking, sad, but overall lots of fun. We read a lot about/discussed the "Pocahontas Narrative", which basically entails films justifying colonial conquest through the romantic love of the White colonist and the Native Princess (called the "Celluloid maiden" in my readings, hence the title).

    I wanted to take a twisted spin on this tale to offer some critical observation, and bring up the presence of violent protest among the natives, even the "princesses". I LOVE Paint's "After Ever After", and this film portrays a Native presence, so I decided it would make a fun combination, and I made a Colors of the Wind parody. ^^
    I hope you can enjoy this! I got an A on it as well. x3

    Song: Colors of the Wind from Disney's Pocahontas, After Ever After by Jon Cozart
    Film: Mononoke-Hime
    Studio Ghibli.
    Miyazaki, Hayao. (1997).
    Contest Participation:
    SakuraCon Comedy Finalist
    Best Comedy AND Artistic Merit Award at ToraCon 2014
    Anime Boston 2014 AMV Contest, Comedy Finalist
    2nd Place Comedy/Parody in Sands of Anime, 2014
    Edited By: Camichan19

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