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  • Member: ai_love_gaara
  • Studio: Queen Ant Studios
  • Title: Pas de deux
  • Premiered: 2014-04-02
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    • Ed Sheeran Give me love
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  • Comments: Programs used: Sony Veegas Pro 12, AVSPmod, Avisynth, and Zax264rgui
    (Yup, made with constant reference to "A&E's Technical Guides to All Things Audio and Video (v3)"

    I knew I definitely would make an AMV to the song one day, but to which anime? But when I relapsed into a Princess Tutu phase yet again, the answer was obvious. Not only could the content be easily matched to the song, but it was perfect for the song's 6/8 time signature, which encouraged a dance-y movement.
    Once I established that thought, I decided to include a sufficient and consistent amount of dancing. To really show off the anime. It's got lovely scenes aside from just characters simply talking to each other, so use it!

    Hence the title: "Pas de deux". A ballet "duet". A Pas de deux is used in ballet and the show itself as a metaphor for a relationship. There are scenes included in the AMV where characters would rather dance with a certain someone. The theme I hoped I was able to clearly show was "yearning"; the downside of loving somebody where we are always in a constant state of longing for that other person, which unfortunately is beyond our control.

    I totally encourage an AMV maker, say, one who supports the Ahiru/Mytho ship, to make their own of just them two to this song. It's destined to be beauuutifully sad. I just couldn't bring myself to make it *laughs*. Call me optimistic but I wanted a bit of a more hopeful ending XD. While I consciously wanted to connect to audiences through this shared experience of longing, pining, and yearning, I also wanted to suggest that it doesn't have to end the way you want it to - chances are, someone else is longing for you too. Life can always turn out that you could be happier with another person.
    So yes, I ended up advertising my personal ships XD. (But please, I would love to see a solely-Duck/Mytho version heheh, that'd definitely hit home with a lot of viewers in terms of understanding).

    This AMV posed a personal challenge. In my previous AMVs, most of the praise came from all the lyric-syncs. That quickly became my style. But then I thought, what good would I be without the lyric-syncs? What if I was given an instrumental sequence - what'd I do then?
    I had the option to cut down a lot of the instrumental sections, particularly at the end. Saves work for me. But I opted not to. I wanted to prove to myself that I can choose clips to go with the *music*, even with the absence of imagery-contained lyrics. And the song had beautiful instrumentals; it'd be a shame not to showcase them.

    A BIG thank you to my little sister...who served as my...what should I call it? Mangaka and authors have "editors", yeah? So would she be MY "editor"? Even though I myself am an AMV editor? So an Editor's Editor? Anyhoo, I could not make progress with this AMV without her approval of all the little things. So she's been a real influence. Thanks for being very harsh with me.

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