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  • Members: SeninYildiiz, Lorilei
  • Title: Lucid Dream
  • Premiered: 2014-03-31
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    • A Perfect Circle Counting Bodies Lke Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums
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  • Comments: Collab for NT's: Rise Of Force IC #2

    Storyline: Natsume, a 16 years old student, goes through various nightmares that one night. The nightmares are haunting his conscience and are all connected with each other. In the first nightmare his sin is getting cleared, because in the previous year he left his dear Friend Misaki behind when the Slenderman followed them for playing his game and challenging him. So both Misaki & the Slenderman haunt him in his dream. (When they get him he'd actually die in real life aswell!) The Second is all about the Slenderman & his Underling also known as Zombies trying to get him & making him pay for his sinner. The third is connected to the second, Natsume once had a friend named Rea, she turned herself into a Zombie and joined the Slenderman's Underlings, but could she really do anything to Natsume? Well we dont know! Since he then gets followed by the rest of the Zombies ( who also enjoys fresh human meat ..) and suddenly wakes up into the fourth nightmare which is all about Misaki & her classmates! He remembers them bullying him so much that he dragged them into the Slenderman's game 1 year before so they'd all die.. slowly fading into memories. Once Misaki caught Natsume & shows him what he did to her, he suddenly wakes up.. still with a bad conscience.

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