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  • Member: PeacefulSymphony
  • Title: My Veins.
  • Premiered: 2013-01-03
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  • Song:
    • Andrew Belle In My Veins
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  • Comments: "Oh, you're in my veins
    And I cannot get you out
    Oh, you're all I taste
    At night inside of my mouth"

    I decided to edit the anime that I used in this AMV, with different motives in mind. Since there is a lot of emphasis on family, friendships and love in this anime (in my opinion) I wanted to use it, mostly because of what was going on in my own family. This originally started as vent and there are still personal feelings thrown in this AMV but I guess they are kind of complex.

    Basically the main motive behind the AMV was the idea of love and family and how people are willing to do anything for people who were once strangers to them, but who then grow up with them and become family members. I hope that I managed to express this with the two characters that I focused on in the AMV. I suppose that the AMV is dedicated to everyone in my family and my friends who I consider to be "in my veins" and the anime made me realise the importance of family and how despite difficult times, I do love my family so much and I am willing to help them in every way that I can.

    What triggered the idea of the AMV and set it all off was how more than enough people in my family stood behind and supported me when the story of when I had been abused came out. I just felt so much love for my family that I had to show it and I hope that I did with using the positive and negative connotations of the song.
    Even though I made this AMV quite a while ago, it still holds quite a lot of value for me because it's a reminder to me that love does exist even in the dimmest of situations.

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