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  • Member: PeacefulSymphony
  • Title: Miles Don't Mean Anything
  • Premiered: 2013-09-21
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    • Eye Alaska Miles Don't Mean Anything
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  • Comments: I thought that it was going to be a very long time before I edited a full AMV again and the last time I really made, what felt like a full AMV was in 2012. I was never really motivated to make a full AMV because it felt like it took quite a lot of time to make one and I did not always have a lot of time on my hands so that is why I would only make small AMVs, ones that fit within the 1 minute mark.

    But this time I was motivated and inspired to make a full AMV. My reason? I wanted to dedicate and make an AMV for a few people who have changed my life for the better, who have kept me smiling and laughing, who have encouraged me immensely, who have been there for me when I felt lost or just needed someone to talk to. Who I love dearly and who I know appreciate and like me for who I am. This is for my dearies, they know who they are :3

    In the AMV I wanted to convey the true feelings of friendship, companionship and love and I tried my best to do that. Along with conveying these feelings, I also wanted to show that no matter the distance or time between the people who are close to you and if the bonds you share are strong enough, if the love you feel for each other is true enough, then miles really don't mean anything.

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