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  • Member: Emerald Mercy
  • Title: Ryuji's Uptown Girl
  • Premiered: 2014-03-14
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    • Billy Joel Uptown Girl
    • Gabriel Roybal Lute in the Night
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    This is my 2nd AMV. I made it roughly in 18 hours. It is also the first AMV I made with Sony Vegas, which gave me the ability to sync much easier than my previous windows live movie made AMV. I think I am on the right track to making AMVs, though I think I need to buy more DVDs to get more anime sources, or else I am stuck with Toradora! (TV) and Halo: Legends, which I love... but I do need more footage, especially for the next AMV idea I have which requires me to use train scenes quite a lot. I am thinking 30 Centimeters a second and Monogatari. Anyone who can give me a list of anime with train scenes and possibly the timing and episodes each one occurs at would help a lot.

    This AMV was inspired by me knowing my limitation of Sony Vegas and Toradora shifting through old CD tracks until I came upon something that sparked a little idea in my head, and it worked out nearly the way I had imagined it. My editing skills are not the best, but hopefully someday I will do better later on, especially when I learn how to use Sony Vegas more.

    Thanks for watching! ^.^

    -Emerald Mercy

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