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  • Member: Kenka_Wolf
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: Zettai Unmei: Project Momoka
  • Premiered: 2014-02-22
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    • Trailer Franklyn
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  • Comments: This AMV should have been my entry for Fuyu Convention 2014 (the Austrian one). Unfortunately the video was disqualified (for the use of not lyric-based music), which was a great disappointment and multiple frustration for me because
    1st I was told that it was too short with about 1:50 (which was never mentioned in the rules) then
    2nd because of the use-of-worng-music thing (which also never was pointed out in the rules) and which I was told AFTER I reedited the AMV to match the length of minimum 2:00 and
    3rd because they THEN told me I should just switch the audio to a lyric based song because the editing basically was quite fine.
    4th afterwards I came to know that at least one jurymember didn't even know that I handed in an entry and now I really wonder what the hell was going on there...

    (They will still show it in April on Animuc Convention in Munich, so just in case you wonder why the intro refers to it.)

    But WELL - leave that matter to the Salzamt -

    This is my new AMV - my second trailer AMV and this time it turned out better - actually a lot better I think. I again found two very nice things that belong together deep down in their artistic soul (or how you may describe this): “Mawaru Penguin Drum” and this wonderful movie “Franklyn”.
    Both stories equal each other quite well. Penguin Drum deals with some of people who are connected by a certain happening from some time in the past, while Franklyn shows a bunch of unrelated people on their way to that certain happening that will connect them afterwards. “Fate” and “Believe” are keywords in both, just the motives differ. Also both deal with a kind of Fantasy- or Alternative- world, the Protagonists live in and which is for the viewer to believe as true or untrue for their understanding of the plot.
    Both are at any rate worth seeing!

    I hope I could mix them up in a good and interesting way and those who know the anime can discover a few parallels. I have the feeling I did a lot better this time and I’m quite satisfied.

    Please feel free to also watch the original Franklyn-Trailer (maybe it is of some interest for you):

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