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  • Member: PieandBeer
  • Title: Songs of Freedom
  • Premiered: 2014-02-14
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    • Matisyahu One Day
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    the finale to my series of Magi amvs! I wanted to match the mood and song style of my previous videos while at the same time showing a sort of evolution of the concept (it's not a third wavin' flag video! :D). I also wanted to show how much I've improved since my first Magi video xD

    The focus of this AMV is Aladdin who I feel got the shaft in the first season of the anime despite being the proper protagonist. I wanted to convey the sense of hope present in the character as well as in the series. I switch between story and random bits a lot but I felt like it was necessary in order to match the feeling of the song. I had some quality issues trying to find sources but hopefully it came together well enough to make a good video!

    :D enjoy!

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