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  • Member: HotaruT
  • Studio: Arctic Tribe
  • Title: Don't make me wet
  • Premiered: 2014-01-26
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  • Song:
    • E-Rotic Don't Make Me Wet
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  • Comments: Lotsa wetting, incest and deviant fun with E-Rotic's music.

    Hey I just wanna have fun with you babe
    Hey I just wanna feel happy today
    Hey gimme gimme just all you can do babe
    Whatever you want - just do it my way

    Don't make me wet
    Never never make love in the shower
    Just make me hot
    Gimme gimme good love in the sun
    Just take me high
    If you wanna be part of the power
    You must wait in line
    Don't make me wet
    Never never make love in the ocean
    Just keep it cool
    Gimme gimme some fun in the pool
    Oh you can try
    Wanna wanna feel love and emotion
    Just give me a sign

    Hey you just wanna peep at my shirt babe
    Hey you just wanna see me dry my hair
    Hey gimme gimme just gimme the word babe
    That you love me too - that you'll treat me fair

    Say - that you'll never leave me
    Say - that I'll be the one
    Say - that you won't deceive me
    Say we'll have just fun - just fun in the sun

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