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  • Member: maricela
  • Title: Arata x Chihaya - Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore
  • Premiered: 2013-12-27
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    • REO Speedwagon Can't Fight This Feeling
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  • Comments: Hi everyone,
    Here's my 5th AMV focusing on Chihaya x Arata ( my most favorite anime couple of all time!!!!). I made this AMV dedicated to myself for my 28th birthday ( I really love how it turned out, so cute oh yes, lol). *__*

    The idea for this AMV after I read ch 119, this song came to my mind and it really fits with Arata in how was very shy showing his love to Chihaya and he finally have the courage to say how he feels( YAY!!!! THAT'S SO SWEET THIS BEAUTIFUL MOMENT BROUGHT A LOT OF JOY TO US CHIHAYA X ARATA SHIPPERS, OH YES, WE WANT MORE!!!!!!). ^_^

    I really hope you all enjoy this AMV as much as I do and yes I'll continue to make more wonderful AMVs of Chihaya x Arata ( CHIHAYA X ARATA TOGETHER FOERVER!!!!!). *_*

    From this AMV editor:
    Angelica ( Sweetangie1227AMVs at Youtube)

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