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  • Member: ranmaman
  • Studio: RspectCopyrightMyAss Studios
  • Title: One Piece: Black Sails Theme
  • Premiered: 2014-01-17
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    • Black Sails Theme
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  • Comments: Well for someone who has never watched One Piece aside from episode 1 a few years ago.. i just felt like making this video after watching the leaked Episode 1 of Black Sails. I used entirely only clips from Opening Segments being wouldn't be familiar with anything awesome from within the show, having not watched it.

    figured this could be a little fun and just figured i'd take a crack at it and see how it would turn out... there's a few quality control issues at a few spots from older openings that weren't truly HD when i downloaded tehm - but over all i guess its a decent little instrumental opening theme song.

    Black Sails itself if a pretty awesome live action Pirate show that Starts Airing on Starz January 25th 2014 and hope it becomes and awesome success!

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