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  • Title: Wake Me up Inside [remaster]
  • Premiered: 2003-06-27
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    • Evanescence Bring Me To Life
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    Image pan(mostly on stills), fades, transparencies, horizontal flip, some scenes sped up, some slowed down. Overlayed things with white to make them "blow up" faster, white flashes, zooms. I also made one shot black and white, then fade to color, and then black and white again. You can't really tell I put it there... That's why it's a cool effect. =P
    (Most os the stills are from the manga "Angel Sanctuary")

    A lot more stills(on guitar riffs), better cuing. Took out the "Happy memory" of Sara and Setsuna, and put in Sara's death. Whole new ending. There's also two new sequences in the video, one in one chorus, the other in the next to last one.

    In the beginning, you of course have the stills, which is supposed to be a sort of prelude, like they have in Romeo and Juliet. It basically shows the AMV summurized into 10 seconds of stills.(Albeit badly summarized). It shows Setsuna and his sister, Sara, and then some images of Setsuna wanting to kill himself, and doing drugs. Then it has Setsuna and Sara again, and Setsuna behind a fence, "trapped".
    Then, you have Alexial reincarnate, with Caine Looming over him. After that you have a few more pictures that arn't really worth talking about. Basically, I go from pictures, and then try to take a smooth transition to the anime. (I'm trying to go from the manga's storyline to the anime's in about 20 seconds, here).
    After all that, the first color anime sequence shows Katan 'summoning' Rosiel. Rosiel is the one who starts this whole fiasco, anyway. After that sequence, It pretty much goes like this for the chorus throughout the whole video: Whenever the girl sings, it's Alexiel talking. Whenever the guy sings, it's Setsuna. The storyline for this AMV is "frayed". Since Setsuna and Alexiel are kind of the same person in the video, you can't really tell who wants what. Does Setsuna want to be woken up and turned into Alexiel? Or does he want ALexiel to die? Does Alexiel want to stay as Setsuna? Or does she want to come out of the boy's body? Right before the next "Segment" comes, you get flashes of parts of Alexiel. It goes from bottom half, torso, right wing, left wing, center wing, head. Alexiel wants to be re-awakened.

    When "Now that I know what I'm Without" comes along, you're kind of three different points of view at the same time. You have the main theme that's going on, which is Rosiel torturing Setsuna to wake up as Alexiel, and then you have the flashings of Alexiel and Rosiel together. Rosiel knows he needs Alexiel, so he must have her. Setsuna loves his sister Sara. Alexiel wants to come out and help Setsuna.
    The flash scene then changes to these two women, who I believe are the leaders of the Dragon CLan(Or something like that). They can tell the future, and this is to signify the time when Kurai finds out that if Alexiel wakes, Setsuna will die. The flash scene then changes once more, to signify that Alexiel reawakens within Setsuna at that time(I realize it doesn't happen like this in the anime, but it's my AMV. >.>)
    You then have the chorus again, which I've already explained. After that, it basically reinstates Kurai's knowledge of the fact that if ALexiel wakes up, Setsuna dies. Kurai has grown to love setsuna, and apreciates the fact that Alexiel saved her life(told by the stills flashing by). And also Katana's loyalty to Rosiel's insanity... You then have flashes of the upcoming, which is Kira's death. Well, with the death of his best friend, Setsuna can't take it and he basically awakens Alexiel.

    "All of this I can't believe I couldn't see". The flashing sequence is Sara's death, and Katan's realization at the horrible thing he just just did(he killed an innocent!).

    "I've been sleeping a thousand years, it seems" the flash sequence is Setsuna's wings coming while he's summoning the six bladed sword.
    "...Open my eyes to everything" the flash sequence is now Setsuna/Alexiel with the Six bladed sword, while the main thing is Setsuna as Alexiel beginning to destroy Tokyo. "Without thought, without a voice, without a soul."
    "Don't let me Die here" is Katan's death, while Alexiel/Setsuna destroys Tokyo, the flash sequence still being Setsuna/Alexiel with the six bladed sword.
    "Bring me to life" Finally, you see Tokyo being destroyed, and you have the chorus. It gets confusing here, because the theme changes, since we've basically finished with Alexiel and Setsuna's story.

    When the girl talks, you have Kira(Who isn't REALLY dead... You'd know why if you watched the anime), and when the guy talks, you have Setsuna/Alexiel. Until of course, you have the scene with all of them together. After that, when the girl sings, you have Sara's confession of love, and when the guy sings, you have Rosiel, who isn't quite done being insane...

    "Bring Me to Life". This is where the brand new ending starts. Rosiel is taunting setsuan, blaming everything that happened to Tokyo(and Sara) on him.

    "There's Nothing Inside" Setsuna feels no guilt for what he's about to do. >.>

    "Bring Me to Life". The last line of the song. Setsuna unleashes Alexiel on Rosiel, and they both disappear, to what we hope, would be their deaths. But then, if you read the manga....

    Anyway, please leave an opinion! I'd like to see if what I'm doing is right! Am I improving? Are my videos good? Should I just quit now?
    Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
    Codec is DivX 5.0.2 PRO.
    IF THE VIDEO SEEMS OFF CUE play it in your DivX player.
    I tested it on my comp, and it had no playback error, but some other people have told me it sticks with them.

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