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  • Member: GloryQuestor
  • Studio: |: Serious Business Studios :|
  • Title: Kamen Rider Arjuna
  • Premiered: 2013-03-24
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    • Shō Kiryūin Life is SHOW TIME!
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  • Comments: This video clicked together while I was reviewing videos with Earth Girl Arjuna. I looked at her "transformation" form and just realized that she sees herself as a tokusatsu hero, namely akin to Kamen Rider. I was just thinking how wonderful the tokusatsu sequences would work with the Kamen Rider Wizard theme, which is a variant that deals with empowerment by natural magic power.

    This is one of those projects I liked when it finally came out, but not a lot of others I know quite understood. If you really do like this video, check out Kamen Rider. You'll probably like it. (Although I wouldn't start with the current one, Kamen Rider Gaim, as it's not the best example of what Kamen Rider is all about imho...)

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