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  • Member: Kireblue
  • Studio: PixelBlended Studios
  • Title: Thought I Lost You
  • Premiered: 2013-12-29
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  • Song:
    • Miley Cyrus & John Travolta I Thought I Lost You
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Here is one of my tracks for the upcoming Disney MEP. When I make AMVs, I try to structure the concept and story in a way that could be understood by someone even if they haven't seen the show. But in this case, I kinda edited this vid for the fans of Inu x Boku and the Disney film Bolt. I say this because you need you need background info on both in order to truly appreciate the concept. In short, the Disney Film Bolt is about a girl that looses her dog, and this song is about her thinking that he would be gone forever. The show Inu x Boku is about a girl that happens to fall in love with someone that is kinda like a "dog spirit". But I don't think that this connection would be obvious to anyone that haven;t seen the sources. This AMV is almost like a sequel to my Maya and Company AMV. One is about a girl and her cat, the other is about a girl and her dog, and both use Disney Songs.

    On another note, editing with a song that is sung almost completely in past tense is extremely difficult. I used more white flashes in this AMV than the combined total of every other AMV I've made.

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