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  • Member: TritioAFB
  • Studio: ZonaAMV
  • Title: Bad Dog
  • Premiered: 2013-12-23
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  • Song:
    • Neon Hitch Bad Dog
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    It's time for a new video. This is the video that follows after the AKROSS Con entry.

    Now what's with this ecchi video?

    You know, during the time I used to be in Nero Team, I met this guy, MentalTsui. We were singing one day and he asked me to sing the song you'll listen in this video. By that time I was starting to watch Zero no Tsukaima. When I first compared the song with the anime, I know it was a perfect match, and as a consequence, I couldnt give up with the idea of not editing this proyect.

    By the time this video was being made, I had several times I had to stop since work and AKROSS Con made me delay in finishing this video. When I first edited the video I was seeking to include text and lip synch since it's a style I haven't been practicing for a while.

    Special thanks goes to MentalTsui, AnthyAMV, madaraxD and VovanKoperativ for the advises here

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