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  • Member: Mastamind
  • Title: Biography of the Red Angel
  • Premiered: 2013-12-14
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    • Periphery Frak the Gods
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  • Comments: Comments from Akross:
    "As usual, here's something different from anything I've done before.
    If blood, Guts, and metal make you queasy, caution: this is my very raw and very gory retelling of the retelling of Berserk."

    I completed this video in October, aside from a few minor changes and the Akross logo I decided to slap on after the registration deadline. It's the first time I edit this sort of fast-paced action, and I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

    Of course, it'll only appeal to a niche audience. The song alone, which isn't one of my favorites, will probably turn lots of people off. The gore might make others wince. The editing focuses on outlining a tragedy, not just on the motion and quick cuts that characterize most action videos, and I had the opportunity to make it more fast-paced in the few months since I finished it. But I left it the way it was. Trying out an editing style I wasn't comfortable with was more important to me than making the video accessible.

    Special thanks to dem/dat beta tester(s)!

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