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  • Title: The Fifth Story: Timeback Memory
  • Premiered: 2013-12-14
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    • rihanna Diamond
    • rihanna Diamonds (COVER BY Alex Goot, Julia Sheer, Chad Sugg)
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    I edited this within 2-3 days just to get the feels out of my system, Kurugaya is too lovely. QwQ

    [ ❦starting rant, if you're watching LB! because of me, read this: ]
    I replied and told this to a lot people already but I haven't directly stated it here, so I just want to say that: I was honestly let down by how bad the visuals of the first season of Little Busters was. I actually regret recommending it to people before it even aired. Though if you stayed with Little Busters until this day, then thank you for trusting me. If you loved it despite it's horrible sides, then you get a dango from me. (ҩ_ҩ); Despite that, I know my opinion won't change about the fact that Little Busters' ~Refrain story is stronger, and more wrapped up compared to ~Afterstory's. It's sad that many people will start thinking that Little Busters isn't as good as people made it out to be, because of its poor visuals and directing of season one. I guess Little Busters will only ever be superior visual novel-wise, and never anime-wise.
    If you want to understand what I'm trying to say, then try to imagine what Clannad would've looked like if it had horrible visuals. There you go. :( If you think about it enough, Clannad's anime storytelling is worse than Little Busters. It's the beautiful animation of the actions and facial expressions that makes up for it's bad storytelling to make everything more intense.
    [ -ending rant, that's enough from me.❦ ]

    About the Second to Forth stories; I'm still working on the Second and Third, but both are on the verge of being dropped for looking too horrible. Dropped the Forth and Sixth Story because there simply wasn't enough scenes to even make it over 40 seconds (without making it look blindly horrible...). I edited both stories as MEP parts though so you'll see it in the MEP collection I'm uploading soon. As for Saya's and the other two girl's stories that will be released in EX... I don't know anymore if they will do it right so I don't have any urges to edit them right as they come out yet, need to watch them first.

    Had a few requests to reupload my finalized version of "The First Story" video so I'll do that soon. I'm laughing at myself how I keep re-editing my edits to improve it AFTER already uploading it on my channel. If I don't then It'll bother me to no end though, because the thoughts will hinder me so I can't start new projects with a fresh mind... XD

    The First Story: Pushing Onwards ->


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