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  • Member: Taite
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  • Premiered: 2013-11-29
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    • Jakwob Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix)
    • Phillip Phillips Gone, Gone, Gone
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  • Comments: wazzaaap.

    So, this I think will be my last "serious" amv, in that I actually put more than 3 hours of effort into it (not that much though, something like 15, and half was spent screwing around). The premise of the amv is that it's a music video. Bascially, I took the music video for "Gone, Gone, Gone," and "re-created" it so it was an "anime" Music Video.
    I've always wanted to make an anime-version music video, but most music videos were simply crap. When I came across this video, I thought I'd just mess around for fun. I ended up spending a bit more time on it than usual, and when I finally saw it coming together I kind of liked it, which isn't normal for me.

    I tried to replicate the whole film-feel of the original music video, as well as taking the idea for a couple segments, but other than that there's not a lot of similarities. I'm on the fence about the effects I used because I just don't use effects like this.

    The overall feel I was going for was a basically just Sentimental and Romance... those were my concepts, other than the whole music video thing. I wanted to tell the feelings of the song by having it as a music video specifically, not just a bunch of random anime and all their stories. It's about the song more than it is the anime, basically. That's how I see editing, and that's how I tried to make this video.

    All the anime are my personal favorite romances, I wasn't going to throw in any other shit just to have all the popular crap in there. I didn't get to use NANA, Air, Ouran, or Eden of the East though, which sucked. This is my first time mixing anime too, woohoo for firsts!

    So I'm pretty nervous about this amv, cuz it's effects+anime mix+live action music video, and a lot of live action. I feel a lot of people just aren't going to get it because it's not an ANIMEmusicvideo, it's an animeMUSICVIDEO. But even for an aMV I don't know if it's good because I didn't have anything to look at (the amount of amvs that are aMVs are like 4, and I used a lot more MV than a than all the other videos.) Sooo I'm pretty conflicted about this and nervous and stuff and even though I like it I'm pretty sure people are going to be half and half on it because it's no Jihaku or anything mega cool, it's just something simple and romancey and more my style. Guess we'll see.

    Also, my first time making credits!! More excited about that than I am the video.

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