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  • Member: PieandBeer
  • Title: Wonder
  • Premiered: 2013-11-18
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  • Song:
    • Chunk! No Captain Chunk! Alex Kidd In Miracle World
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    ahh oh wow
    i made this in like 4 days >_> not even
    it was made for round two of the beta battle tournament and the round's theme was "color"
    i had wanted to do another video with these sources together (mostly from the same animation studio) with this song but held back because i just knew there was gonna be a color theme
    i chose the color teal (leaning towards blue towards the end) and i wanted to show the otherworldly and dreamy qualities that i associate with the color
    i also wanted to somehow make my editing very clear, clean yet deep to match what the color feels like to me @_@
    i apologize for the potato video quality! working with oldish sources and not knowing how to do the upsizing magic that other editors do D: but yes! enjoy!

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