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  • Member: senshikoi
  • Title: Nono - Watashi no Makenai
  • Premiered: 2006-11-09
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  • Songs:
    • ACKO Stardust Tears
    • KAORI Watashi no Makenai ~Haruka no Teema~
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  • Comments: For whatever reason, I thought "Diebuster" and "KAORI - Watashi no Makenai ~Haruka no Teema~" would work well together, also includes "ACKO - Stardust Tears" at the end, which is the ending to Diebuster episode 5, plus if anyone hangs on 'til after the credits, they see one final clip, which means a clip from all six episodes were featured.

    Also with a bit of luck, and bit of skill, some of the action fell on the beats, which I'm quite proud of, however looking back, I do feel it's a bit of a shame it was done on Windows Movie Maker, as the quality isn't that great in some parts.

    It comes with subtitles, as the song is not in English, but the subtitles are a bit of botched, as a translation was only available for the first (TV version) part, at the time, so I got the romanji for the second part, and threw that into a freetranslation, adjusting the translation to make it more human.

    I'll look into uploading it at somepoint, so bear with it.

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