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  • Member: Cyrix
  • Studio: One Man Escape Pod
  • Title: Yakumo's Agony
  • Premiered: 2013-11-12
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  • Song:
    • Machine Head From This Day
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  • Comments:  photo Yakumo's Agony

    Classic anime and nineties metal! I've always wanted to do a video with both this song and this anime, and finally realized they went perfectly together after introducing 3x3 Eyes to my friend Koryiaki last year. He provided a lot of feedback on the editing and helped me steer the direction of the video, so I consider him a co-editor.

    My brother used to have a copy of From This Day when we were kids and I ended up getting hooked on it (interestingly, he had a demo or live version of the track with slightly different lyrics that I've never been able to find again. I had to use the album version for this AMV). I spent a long time bouncing FTD around in the back of my mind trying to think of a character that fit, and eventually realized Yakumo suited the role.

    I did the best I could with the source footage, but the DVD transfer of 3x3 Eyes is a mess and I could only clean it up so much. I suspect some people have been giving me low scores for upscaling to 720p; the reason I do this is because I have found it gives me better results with post-processing filters (degrain, gradient smoothing, sharpen, etc) and notably reduces compression artifacts from the final encode. Simply put, the file filtered and encoded at 720p looks noticeably better when played in fullscreen on any 720p or higher monitor (which accounts for most or all monitors made today).

    Lyrics ( as best I can understand them)
    You gotta stand tall and cut away the ties
    Drop walls and hold your head up high
    Run fast and youth ain't gonna wait
    So grab a hold before it gets too late

    Bare your soul and strip away the cold
    Of withered life thats passed so gray and old
    'Cause all the pain thats filled these eyes you see
    Was only made to bleed just recently

    Tears that made me, ashamed to be me
    But that gave me strength to see me
    Made a spark that, lit the dark that
    Let me shine

    Time to see, believe this in me
    This pain that I feel deep inside
    Time to see, believe this in me
    This pain that I feel deep inside

    From a time when you come together
    Be all together
    Bad enough to do it now or never, all right

    (unintelligible) to freeways far from here
    Spend half the night just drinkin' beer
    From this day on shall be the words
    My flesh and bones shall make it heard

    Don't you test, I'll have to mess with you
    Do my best, **** the rest of you
    One of these days you'll see I've always been right


    I can feel the strangest feelin'
    Never wanted anything but you

    And it makes me glad when I see the sun
    And it makes me sad when you (unintelligible)
    And I thank my God, got a girl like you
    And I think, my God, did you save me


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