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  • Member: AimoAio
  • Studio: Espace Studios
  • Title: Boxxed
  • Premiered: 2013-10-27
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    • Marina and the Diamonds Oh no
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    Forum Announcement Thread

    Inspired by: (gosh I LOVE her videos) and the opening of Maria Holic:

    Before/After comparison:

    I started this project in April, originally intended for Japan Expo in June before finishing it for AWA Pro in August. Refinements took around 2 months (due to laziness) but here it finally is! (And I am glad to get rid of it. XD)

    This idea had been stewing in my head ever since I saw MentalProdigy's version around a year-ish ago. At that time I didn't feel I had the technical ability to pull off the idea so I decided to wait till I got better with After Effects and boy, I am so thankful I waited or I'd have cried from the stress since I practically made the entire AMV in AE.

    The most traumatic part of this project has gotta be the repainting. There was no creditless opening for this anime. When I found out, I kinda wanted to cry. XD And of course there was the masking, I'd say around 60-70% of the AMV is masked. Seriously I should buy myself a tablet just for masking.

    There's quite a bit of imagery and symbolism in this AMV. The original concept was something along the lines of being unsure and trapped in life (the neverending white box/room), the colours and paint were to indicate the many possibilities in life and the continuous walking was to show that you never know what the future could hold for you unless you take the first step to reaching it yourself. (Oooooh so deep XD)

    So in a way you can say it's an AMV about change. And the chance to make that change yourself. Unfortunately, like 90% of my projects, the concept starts to disappear as the AMV moves along and after a while, I sorta lost motivation and just threw random things on the timeline.

    As for the text? Well that's just eye candy. XD

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