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  • Member: EllipseIris
  • Studio: Asylum Studios
  • Title: Young and Beautiful
  • Premiered: 2013-10-05
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  • Song:
    • Lana Del Rey Young and Beautiful
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  • Comments: 1st place 2013 MondoCon Autumn, Hungary

    This amv is a milestone in my amv editing career. Some of you maybe know, some of you not that I have been editing for 6 years and started it with MVs, using live action footage like movies and TV series. (I confess I even hated animes back then). For 3 years I am editing amvs, too, but what i noticed is that the style i edited my MVs with is long gone. I use less effects, less effort, I do longer videos and need less time to complete them. This was/is quite desperating for me, but as it has already happened, I could not help but live with it.

    I LOVE effects videos. Many say they worth nothing, or at least less then editing that uses no effects, only internality. Why? Why is it bad to try to create something that is not existing yet and it is You who need to make it? Never understood...
    Anyway, I feel that for the last years, since I made my Eat me alive amv, this is the first moment when I can say: this is what I wanted to show you. I did it, this is how I imagined this video. I am happyyy ♥

    The video is based on the song. I adore Lana del Rey, her songs are really inspiring! When I heard this one, I knew I have to create something with it, it was so perfect! I tried to express the song through the anime (this is 80% what I do while editing).
    I used some digital effects, they are rather visible, you will recognize them. Maybe 0:29, where you see the city is less recognizable: it was a simple image of the city that i tried to revive. Also 0:20 with the cake and candles: the anime did not include any scenes that would have fit, so I created my own version getting a bday cake from another anime.

    One more thing, the video was done under Asylum studios name. I am not 100% sure now about our studio's status, but I think we are dying out. Many of our members are gone/inactive. Some say the studio is over. If it is true, this is my last video being a member, but I still hope we can revivify it, I have too many great memories with it to let it go. :)

    This is it, enjoy watching, I hope you will like it!

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