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  • Member: Kazemon15
  • Studio: Espace Studios
  • Title: All Burn Down
  • Premiered: 2013-04-20
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    • Red Let it Burn
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    Banner by Hagaren Viper

    Anime Conventions:
    Otakon 2013 Drama Finalist
    Anime USA (AUSA) 2013 Drama Runner-Up

    My first video under a new studio, Espace! Yay!

    Oh uh...spoilers?

    ...finally, it's done. My drama video for both Otakon and AX 2013. I absolutely love this series but it's so under-appreciated. Mainly due to the fact that it's hard to find a song that can fit all the drama this series had to offer...that is, until I saw Nekokitkat's Let It Burn Pokemon AMV and it just hit me that I could use this song for one of my favorite series of all time.

    This took about 4-5 months on and off and I kept tweaking it until I could not tweak no more. I hope you all enjoy. And go watch this series! It's awesome, it's filled with comedy, drama, romance, fun and loving characters, everything!

    Where to buy:

    United States (Region 1): Out of Print - Recently relicensed by Funimation (Will update link when available)
    United Kingdom (Region 2):

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