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  • Members: l33tmeatwad, TsunderbirdSeth
  • Studio: PixelBlended Studios
  • Title: The Solution
  • Premiered: 2013-09-29
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Jon Lajoie Not Giving a Fuck!
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This was a collab by Amaterasu & l33tmeatwad and was made for the Anime Weekend Atlanta Professional Contest. The video was made to be a more up to date parody of late night commercials with tacky text on top of the footage as opposed to blue screen text as in the original.

    Another Anime Con 2013 AMV Contest [Best in Show]
    Oni-Con X AMV Contest [Editor's Choice 2nd Place Comedy/Freestyle]
    Bakuretsu Con 12 AMV Contest [Best Comedy]
    Naru2U Con 2013 AMV Contest [Most Original & Grand Prize]
    Nekocon 2013 AMV Contest [Best Comedy & Viewer's Choice]
    Youmacon 2013 MV Contest [The Nick Nolte Award]
    Ikkicon VIII AMV Contest [Editor's Choice 2nd Place Comedy/Freestyle]

    Credits Audio:
    Fuck Everything by Jon Lajoie

    Software Used:
    Notepad :)
    After Effects

    Technical Details:
    The rough cut was completed using AviSynth and Adobe After Effects was used to add the remaining text and effects.

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