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  • Member: Scintilla
  • Studio: Aquiline Studios
  • Title: Gibberish In Motion: When AMVs and Animutations Collide
  • Premiered: 2013-09-24
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    • John Desire Hot Limit
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    Credit Where Credit Is Due:

    This AMV owes much of its inspiration to the 2002 Animutation We Drink Ritalin by Robinson Wilburn.

    What They Say:

    "So much wtf that it wins everything." - drewaconclusion
    "A blast to the past and oh-so enjoyable." - Tsu!
    "oh wow, you restored my faith in good AMV :D" - quick comment
    "What's an Animutation?" - Waldo

    What I Say:

    "Cats are poetry in motion... dogs are gibberish in neutral." - Garfield the Cat

    The year is 2006. The North American animé market is booming, Konami's Dance Dance Revolution franchise is enjoying huge success in America, and a genre of Flash animations known as Animutations (with their own wiki, for those of you who wish to learn even more) have been spreading hilarity across the Internet for some time.
    Amidst this backdrop, Scintilla decides to start on his most ambitious AMV yet, one that will bridge the gap between AMVs and Fanimutations (by using a DDR song, with which he has had good luck in 2005) and hopefully result in something that can be enjoyed by connoisseurs of both genres.

    As it turns out, 2006 was to come and go without any new videos by Aquiline Studios whatsoever.

    Fast-forward seven years. After failing to come up with anything decent in time for Otakon 2013, and knowing that his AMV plan for Otakon 2014 is even more massively ambitious, Scintilla FINALLY finishes this accursed video that's been sitting unfinished on his computer all this time, just in time for the AWA Expo.

    Too bad most of the references are by now so dated that they'll fly right over modern audiences' heads. So, here's my attempt to explain some of these...


    Loading screen (distro only): Since Fanimutations are typically large Flash files, a humorous loading screen of some sort is de rigueur for the genre.

    Steve Ballmer: Longtime business partner of Bill Gates who became CEO of Microsoft in 2000 after Gates stepped down. Recently announced that he would retire sometime within the next 12 months, so it's lucky I was able to get this video out while he's still around! Known for embarrassing viral videos -- try searching for "Monkeyboy Developers" or "Who said sit down?!" -- and for throwing a chair and threatening to "f***ing kill Google", a threat touched on later on in this very AMV.

    THE FIYING DOG: Kind of like "jewelly box", this is some misspelled Engrish from an old Dance Dance Revolution background animation.

    Lite-Brite: These were advertised all over TV when I was a kid.

    Toasty!: In the video game Mortal Kombat II, Dan Forden (one of the game's staff) would occasionally pop up in the corner of the screen and utter this when the player landed an uppercut. A decade later, the developers of StepMania would pay this homage with an Easter egg of their own.

    Yuu: That's Kanda Yuu from D.Gray-man.

    Sei: Satou Sei (aka Rosa Gigantea) from Maria Watches Over Us.

    S****? In my heart tonight?: See Know Your Meme's page on "X? In my Y?".

    NO REAL, NO IDEA.: A parody of another DDR background animation that included this bit of Engrish; it was usually paired with a verticalliy-scrolling one of a graffitied skull. These animations tended to show up on the harder songs in the earlier games of the series (such as Paranoia and Trip Machine). The sprite used here is Rayden (they DID spell it that way in the first game!) from the original Mortal Kombat, doing his Torpedo move.

    18 SPIKES / 18 PAINS: A parody of another DDR background animation, this time one that featured a rotating black metallic ball with -- you guessed it -- 18 spikes. First seen in MAX 300, the first boss song of the DDRMAX era (DDRMAX, DDRMAX2, and DDR Extreme).

    sting!!: A parody of yet another DDR background animation, this time one that had ninjas appearing and disappearing on a flaming background. Can be seen in songs such as Tsugaru and (I think?) Matsuri Japan.

    BRE∀K DOWN!: This is actually the background image for the DDR song by this name from DDRMAX2, sung by Konami's own idol group BeForU.

    Chu and me: The skateboarding character is Chu-Chu, the adorable mascot of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

    OBEY JINGORO: Jingoro is this guy, who currently runs the Video Art Track (VAT) at Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) and therefore was responsible for running the first contest this AMV was sent to. Also, subliminal messages are a popular element of Animutations.

    Pepsi Twist: Cyanna informs me that this flavor of Pepsi is actually no longer available, so naturally I feel obligated to keep it in the video for historical relevance.

    Gather me Eyes: Eyes Rutherford from Spiral ~ The Bonds of Reasoning.

    Sphinx jaw-flapping: Cheap jaw-flapping such as this is also a popular element of Fanimutations. In fact, it featured heavily in We Drink Ritalin, the Animutation to which this video owes much of its inspiration. Remember, it's hard to lip synch with static images you found lying around on the Internet.

    ZA WARUDO!: Osaka's pose here is reminiscent (to me) of that of Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure when he activates his Stand "The World" and stops time... at least as rendered in stick-figure form in a certain infamous Flash. Again, see Know Your Meme for more.

    Infanticide: The silhouettes you see here are Naoko Akagi strangling a young Rei in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Rei's not her kid, but a kid nevertheless. Also, this line contains my first use of Shion (Mion shows up later) from When They Cry (Higurashi) instead of the boring old censor bar; the twins are described here as "/a/'s most popular censoring tool".

    Steve Ballmer (feat. Chair) vs. Google: See above notes on Steve Ballmer for why this makes sense. (And since the mess with the chair and killing Google happened in late 2005, it would actually have been timely if I'd managed to finish this video in 2006 like I'd planned!) The "™" on the phrase "F***ing Kill" comes from Uncyclopedia.

    CHAIR! CHAIR! CHAIR! CHAIR!: The Chair chant explained. Started at some cosplay masquerade other than Otakon, but became quite the overused joke at Otakon in the early aughts. I was there in 2003 when the MC tried to start a "LOVE AND PEACE!" chant to combat it during a lull in the action, which resulted in a good part of the crowd ending up chanting "CHAIR AND PEACE!".

    WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY: See above notes on ZA WARUDO!. I wouldn't put it past Ballmer to make this kind of victorious cry if he ever did actually manage to kill Google.

    Yoshi's Island on acid: If you didn't already know that the guy whose head is spinning around is Bill Nye the Science Guy, then GTFO. Not knowing that the character pushing him across the screen is Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat II (who also kicked over Hitler in an earlier scene) is somewhat more forgivable. Lastly, the afroed figure in the red jacket is Nabeshin, director Shinichi Watanabe's animated avatar (though he does also dress like that IRL).

    Slot machine: These reels go by kind of fast, so here's what you may have missed --
    - Toucan Sam, mascot of Kellogg's Froot Loops.
    - Jigglypuff, one of the original 151 Pokémon.
    - Orange Fanta, which was used earlier in an attempt to make infanticide funny.
    - Steamroller (or "road roller") that Steve Ballmer dropped in on earlier in the video, another JoJo's Bizarre Adventure reference.
    - Gendo Ikari from Evangelion, who got a line with his name in it earlier in the video.
    - A Gundam that I couldn't find a place for anywhere else.
    - Mion from Higurashi, whose twin sister Shion was used to censor stuff earlier in the video.
    - Yuu from Marmalade Boy. Was originally going to show up much earlier until I suddenly remembered Yuu from D.Gray-man and went with him because I figured he'd be more recognizable.
    - Nelson from The Simpsons. I had meant to have him mocking another character's misfortune with his trademark "Ha ha!", but I couldn't figure out in time where I could use him to advantage.
    - Steve Ballmer. See above notes.
    - Word bubble meant to represent the "say".
    - DDR arrow, which you already saw in various colors earlier in the video.
    - Boring censor bar. It seemed like a fitting replacement for the stereotypical "BAR" seen on classic slot machines.
    - Han Solo, again.
    - Pedo Bear, another character I had wanted to work in earlier in the video (perhaps when Chiyo shows up?) but couldn't manage in time.

    Hare Hare Yukai: This was the dance you saw Haruhi and friends doing just at the end of the last instrumental break, right before the slot machine reels. To give you an idea of how long this video's been unfinished: when I started working on it, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi hadn't even aired yet. That's right, the genesis of this AMV predates Haruhi-ism's sweep across the globe, which makes it pretty ancient in fandom terms...

    Piano keys: These were all the rage when I joined this community in 2003 (or at least people joked about them a lot). Daniel Chang was often associated most closely with the effect after using them in his 2003 video Evolution.

    Colin Mochrie: See his page on the Animutation Wiki here. Another sign that I released this AMV at the perfect time: Whose Line Is It Anyway? is back on TV, Tuesday nights on the CW! And Colin's a permanent member of the cast.

    Nyami wipe: The spacesuited figure is Nyami, one of the two recurring mascots for the Pop'n'Music series of rhythm games in Konami's Bemani line. (The other is Mimi, who looks similar but is a rabbit instead of a cat.)

    Fin: This was an attempt to parody the ending screens from the famous visual novel Tsukihime (and I think also the Story Mode of the related fighting game Melty Blood (original and Re-ACT only)?), where the "good" and "true" endings have "Fin" in the middle of the screen, but the "bad"/"dead" endings have "END" in the bottom right corner. Maybe other visual novels also follow this convention? I don't know, as I don't play any.

    ~~ At this point, the distribution version and the convention version of this video diverge. ~~

    RIGHT NOW, SOME OF YOU ARE PROBABLY THINKING...: The music video for Van Halen's 1992 hit "Right Now" won three awards at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards. 10 years later, Doki Doki Productions' 2001 parody of this music video won three awards in the 2002 Viewers Choice Awards. The text at the end of this video that segues into the credits is in a similar style.

    "Reclaim My Place" (credits music): I was actually introduced to this Korn song by Daniel Chang's "Not So Glorious After All" or "Cooking With the God of Romance" joke video that gave a humorous take on his famous 2003 romance AMV Glory of Love. I've had the Azumanga part of the credits sequence done and waiting to be shown the light of day for seven years...

    replay?: If you saw this video at a convention, you may remember it ending with the word "replay?" popping up in the bottom right corner, rather than the "Right Now" segue into the credits. Remember that Fanimutations are created in Flash, where the incorporation of a replay button is de rigueur for such videos. (See also Homestar Runner and, more recently, the Flash videos in Homestuck.)


    What the (Fake) Lyrics Say:

    You say Solo
    We drink Ritalin
    You say Solo
    We drink Ritalin
    Precious love is always eating up my heart

    Unstable shitty life
    Convict of her Lite Brite
    Take me and wrap around, ONE MORE TIME
    Take the pig and turn around, out of the way
    Back to ground unfolding scolding the Darker Side

    Mama was burning a hole in my heart
    Stripping me down to HO TEMPTATION
    Ha-ate to give in, be beaten by Lust
    Burning in hell
    Gendo as well!

    Yuu, Sei, Solo™
    Semen in my heart tonight
    Mystery is man-made propped up on the lawn
    Wii, drink, Ritalin
    Here's some food I want to eat
    Precious love is always eating up my heart

    BRE∀K DOWN! with Chu and me
    Get bad and cyber me
    This song is going nowhere TO BE FOUND
    Montauk if two are down
    Code forever, another round
    Want to hear a boring joke in my open mind?

    This guy is burning the fire of delight
    Pepsi-Cola through the night
    Holding me tightly, I grab the light
    Burning in fire
    Gather me Eyes!

    You say Solo
    Semen in my heart tonight
    Mystery is man-made perfect all alone
    We drink Ritalin
    Here's some food I want to eat
    Precious love is always eating up my heart

    B-b-burning cell phone
    With semen and infanticide
    Mystery is male maid barfing all alone
    We drink Ritalin
    Here's some food I want to eat
    Precious love is always eating up my heart

    You say Solo

    We drink Ritalin
    Precious love is always eating up my heart


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