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  • Member: Geirr
  • Title: Kumoricon 2013 AMV Contest OP
  • Premiered: 2013-08-30
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    • Ramin Djawadi Main Title (Game of Thrones OP)
    • Thompson Twins Play with me
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  • Comments: Another AMV Contest opener! You know the deal - no plot, no story, just silliness that winds up with a list of contest categories, made to be shown for the Kumoricon contest audience (and also at convention closing ceremonies.)

    "Play with me" by the Thompson Twins from the 1992 movie 'Cool World' about cartoon characters running amok IRL, provides the backdrop theme - we play with all these anime shows and characters to amuse and entertain each other.

    Now, about "CHAIR" - a few years back at another con, a technical delay during a large stage event left a large audience staring at a stage empty all but for a single chair. With rising boredom they began chanting 'Chair, Chair!" and the joke bled over into Kumoricon where a CHAIR even won the Cosplay Contest by audience vote. A concerted effort was made by staff to NOT ENABLE the lame-ass chair jokes, and before the whole thing dissipated I wanted to get in one last lick on the audience. It worked. Downloaders hare may not care, but the one-trick pony did its last trick before fading into history. (OK Actually I was watching Rinne no Lagrange and saw all the chairs in the ED and just *had* to tweak on the Kumoriconcon audience...!)

    Then a transition to a cheezy rendition of the 'Game of Thrones' OP with all those cute little CGI castles and the final 'nameplate' scene. Did the work in Hash Animation Master v.17, which hasn't been updated in a while. I don't recommend the program at this time, but it was cheap when I first bought it.

    Other than that it was Adobe Premiere CS6 and AfterEffects CS6, some Virtual Dub and Audacity here and there, and a final re-compress with AMV Simple.


    PS: We had a blast at Kumoricon this year and I want to thank EVERYONE who entered and also congratulate all the winners.


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