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  • Member: NikkuMan
  • Studio: Clover Studios
  • Title: Find Me Again
  • Premiered: 2013-07-18
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    • augustana Boston
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    I remember hearing this song waaay back when I was a dancer. I always loved it but I totally forgot about it until it showed up on my spotify. The song really inspired me to edit something involving loneliness and forcing someone away. Leading to this video! I hope you enjoy.
    I chose Chuunibyou because Rikka as a character really embodies the theme of this video. She essentially was unable to face her hardships so she decided to run away from her problems. Rikka found love, but still tried to run when things were tough. Eventually, she realized their love was too strong for them to be apart for too long. With new found confidence, she was able to stand her ground and let go.

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