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  • Member: Ephidel_AMV
  • Title: Aria The Remembrance
  • Premiered: 2013-08-12
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    • Audiomachine Remembrance
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    A peaceful and soothing AMV, of a peaceful and soothing anime series called: Aria, with peaceful and soothing music. The objective of this AMV is to be soothing.

    AMV made with simple editing (cuts, fade-in/out, soft flashes), added lens flares and blurred multicolored/rainbow hoops to enhance the footage. Took a different approach (which I don't feel like I am good at) focusing on the characters.

    Using one of my top favorite songs to go along to one of my top favorite anime, song fits in the atmosphere it has so well. Decided on the name for the AMV seeing how the seasons of the series are called "Aria The ______" filling the blank with the name of the song "Remembrance".

    The result was better than expected and I am really happy with this AMV.

    Video Editing Tools: Sony Vegas 8, Adobe After Effects CS5


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    Song: Audiomachine - Remembrance
    Composed by: Paul Dinletir
    Album: Atomic Music Station

    Paul Dinletir website:

    Audiomachine website:

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