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  • Member: xPsychoBladesx
  • Title: [AMV] Ipagpatawad Mo - Hibiki x Yamato
  • Premiered: 2013-06-12
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  • Comments: Warning: (As Usual) BL Content, contains Boy x Boy. (I mean the video not the anime itself.) Don't like? Don't Watch, please.. It's a fanmade video so please.

    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!! (To Filipinos of course.)
    "Ito ang araw ng ating paglaya, Mabuhay ang Pilipinas."

    Well, i used this song because i liked it. Gloc 9 will be forever my favorite filipino rapper.
    It's BL, i still hope everyone likes it. I have no idea for now except this. A Shout-out to all filipino editors, hey there! :) I'm a pure filipino too, so just talk to me, yknow since we need to sort of unite. I remember the last time i did a video.. (Pinoy IC) with a couple of people.. (Filipino people of course.) Just because of it, i wanted to edit something today. I'm glad i kinda made it on time.. I guess. Rhain, will do an independence day video too, will be a little late because of school.
    I used these two, because it's there birthdays on this month!
    Happy Birthday Hibiki (June 6th)
    Happy Birthday Yamato (June 10th)

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    Dedicated to::
    (Because, i want to.. thank you for everything listening to me and everything..)

    Some update--
    Yeah, I think i'll be kind of busy soon. (I don't even know) Due to, cosplay, college and soon maybe work. Mom wants me to learn driving as soon as i graduate from college. :/
    It'll all be tough, but for now i'm pretty free. Since i'm kinda just starting. But i will still keep up on uploading something don't worry, thank you for my dear 700+ Subscribers btw.
    Please sub my backup, since i have my first strike:

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