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  • Member: anime_drizzt
  • Title: Army of Love
  • Premiered: 2013-07-18
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    • Kerli Army of Love (Terabyte Frenzy Remix)
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  • Comments: I was very pleased with this video this is only my 2nd AMV ever but was also my 2nd entry into San Japan Sinister 6's AMV contest. I know that with the time I had left before the deadline this was the best I could do considering I'm still learning so much but overall not a bad AMV in my book. I would really like any and all advice/criticism that anyone would be willing to offer. This was also my first use of several different anime but I enjoyed the experience and will be doing more similar to this with multiple anime as well as AMV with just the use of one anime like my first AMV "Building A Home". I also personally was very proud of the lip sync that I was able to accomplish with the main chorus of the song. Once again any and all feedback is welcomed so please don't hesitate to give me your opinions on this.

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