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  • Member: maricela
  • Title: Chihaya X Arata - When Will I See You Again
  • Premiered: 2013-07-13
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    • The Three Degrees When Will I See You Again
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  • Comments: Hi everyone,

    Here's my first full AMV of Chihayafuru focusing on Chihaya X Arata ( my favorite couple, THEY LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER!!) I have been planning to make this AMV with this song for a long time ( back in the first season) but since there's a second season I decided to wait for more scenes of those two together ( IT WAS WORTH TO WAIT BECAUSE I REALLY LOVE HOW THE AMV TURNED OUT) I'm a huge Chihaya X Arata shipper and I always wanted to share a AMV with this beautiful couple how cute they are together ( SOO CUTEEE!). I hope you all enjoy my AMV and yes I'll definitely make more AMV of Chihaya X Arata ( they are one of my favorite couple for all anime. ^_^

    From this AMV editor:
    Angelica Reynoso ( Sweetangie1227 from YT)

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