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  • Member: Tsu!
  • Title: 50 Ways For Your Partner to Die
  • Premiered: 2013-05-27
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    • Train 50 Ways To Say Goodbye
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  • Comments: This video was a labor of love. I've been a fan of RE since I was first introduced to RE 4 and have played 4 and 5 pretty much obsessively since then. I went crazy for the song "50 Ways to Say Goodbye" after hearing it on the radio and bit by bit ideas started coming to mind. I actually initially thought to make a video using an entirely different anime when suddenly I realized Resident Evil couldn't be more perfect for it, so off I went into a land of modding and frustration.

    That being said, this video wasn't easy to make. While the editing isn't supremely complicated, the actual filming of the footage was extremely difficult. I went ahead and purchased a copy of Resident Evil 4 for the PC and amped up the graphics and textures as much as I could, but the PC version has pre-rendered cutscenes that aren't affected by you changing your resolution. Except making them uglier, I guess. So I had to get the new remastered cutscenes from the RE4 port to the PS3/360 versions. In addition, RE4 PC came out in 2007 and wasn't a very good port to begin with, so there were a ton of natural technical hiccups to overcome like particle effects creating massive recording lag (and no function to turn them off) and the codec cutscenes relying upon an old version of DirectX and video hardware boosting that no longer exists in current incarnations (again, creating massive lag). Beyond that, the actual "filming" took about 20 mods between RE4 and RE5 in order to get the scenes I needed. If you're a fan of either game you might notice that the characters being killed off often don't actually die that way in any part of the game. Or they simply don't appear in that scene. I needed model swaps, hex editors, POV swaps, multiplayer mods... Well, the list goes on, but that's just the beginning of it. Each game crashed dozens of times due to not cooperating with the mods and I owe a serious token of gratitude to my filming co-op partner who helped do things like hold Jill while I took footage of it from first-person perspective (and for not losing his mind when the game crashed for the billionth time.)

    I ultimately finished this video in a 35-hour filming/editing craze. I'm afraid I didn't keep track of the time it took to get all the footage prior to that but I would estimate this video as taking at least 50 hours. It was a truly fun experience and the reception to it has been remarkable and I'm honored by all the comments I've received.

    (If it looks slightly different to you, some of the contests it competed in were sent in at a different standardized aspect ratio per the contests' rules. However, I personally prefer the one that maintains the original aspect ratios of all the footage, so that's what I'm uploading.)

    Anime Expo 2013: Best in Fun/Humor
    FanimeCon 2013: Best in Comedy Judges' Choice
    Anime USA 1st Place Comedy
    Fanimecon 2013: 2nd Place Comedy Audience Choice

    Otafest 2014: "Best Use of Sidekicks in a Video" Award [Honorable Mention]
    Anime Evolution 2013 Finalist
    AniMinneapolis 2013 Finalist
    Nan Desu Kan 2013 Finalist
    Anime Vegas 2013 Finalist

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