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  • Member: Cyrix
  • Studio: One Man Escape Pod
  • Title: Imma Be a Host
  • Premiered: 2013-07-04
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    • Black Eyed Peas Imma Be
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    This AMV played in the preshow for the Anime Expo 2013 AMV Contest. I'm not finalist material, so it was an honor to be up on the big screen. If you saw it there, lemme know!

    Before submitting the video to AX, I asked if the lyrics would need to be censored. I was advised four "shit"s and "semen" was too much language. One of my friends didn't want me to censor Tamaki's semen line, as it was his favorite line of the whole video, but I was willing to censor anything else as long as I could have the little kid saying "Rocking like this my job, nigga" (guess my favorite part of the video). We comprised with a "seamen" gag, which played at AX but will never see the light of day again.


    This is one of a series of AMVs I started years ago but didn't finish until I got back into editing relatively recently. I started this in 2010 when Imma Be was still fairly new. We were watching Ouran and I started working on this while we were about a quarter of the way through because I was so excited about it. Of course I ran out of footage, and by the time we finished the series I had mostly stopped working on the AMV.

    This year, a friend joked I should try to have it ready in time for AX this year, three or four weeks before the deadline. I told him I didn't think I could do it, but started working on it, and (being a better editor now) I was able to tear through it, swapping the DVD footage for the Blu-Ray release (I know it's upscaled but it's very clean and looks a lot better than the DVD imo), replacing some of Haruhi's verse with scenes from later episodes, and filling in the 2/3rds that were still missing.


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